Thursday, March 10, 2011

I Love You (Prelude)

If I give you this secret do you promise to never tell,
The truth is,
I love you.......
I love you for you, like you love me for me.
And I don't really know who you are soo, wait... This cant be.
I've been trying for years to find out who you are. But I love you..
Maybe thats why I'm driving this car....
On the road to nowhere. Destination coming up no time soon. Where I stop at sun rays and go is the moon.
Guess I'll meet you whenever.
But when I get there, I just hope you love me too.....

Monday, May 24, 2010

I've Moved!

Whelp Blogger, It seems that I have found a site that works better for me.
I am now on Tumblr. I appreciate you're support greatly. So if you would like
to keep up with my blog, go ahead and check it out:
So give it a look, and who knows, you might like Tumblr enough to make your own.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Get Away.....

Close your eyes...
Imagine the place of your dreams.
Your place of tranquility.
Where you can break the monotony of everyday living.
Imagine a place where your dreams are reality and your fears are unheard of.
Where perfection is normal living, and the stresses of the past are a lost place in time.
Thats where I want to be....

Karina Pasian- Mercury
A beautiful song by a beautiful young lady.
She definitely has an idea of her place of peace...

Being Free = Knowing Me

I want to be free.
Yea I know we’ve made it thru slavery
But still, something is holding me.
I want to be free internally and externally for eternity
I want my mind to truly see
So much clouded judgment,
So much conscious confusion that it’s hard to be…
But who am I?
Am I simply my mother’s child?
Or was I meant to stand up for the people with my voice so loud?
Or maybe I was meant to be in the crowd…
Fearful of the others like I wasn’t allowed….
Well that for damn sure can’t be
My past accomplishments wouldn’t allow that you see.
For I have never bowed to any mans feet,
And I damn sure wasn’t in the crowd giving that valedictorian speech
So when I ask the question “who am I?”
I think of how gods blessed me when I say my reply
I’m a man, who refuses to just get by.
With visions of nothing but success in my eyes…

Monday, May 10, 2010

Show me who you are....

Too often are we exposed to the untrue selves of people.
More often should we show our true self. The self you are
when you are all alone. People today feel the need to form
some type of a fa├žade in order to gain the approval of their peers.
Are we afraid of what people will think of us?
Or are we afraid of ourselves?
I wanna know. Show me who you are...

Theophilus London- Aquamilitia
A great song indeed...

Sleepless Reflections...

Lying in bed......
A million thoughts in my head
I can barely comprehend the last thing I said.
Don’t know what to choose...
Don’t know if losing you was the best move or is
Choosing you would be the right thing to do.
Maybe I should be alone
Not for long, just enough time for me to think on my own
I need to find where I belong
I need to find out what makes me weak and who makes me strong
Only then will I be able to move on.
Only then will I be able find you and do the things that lovers do
I’m not talking an in the sheets mood but a beautiful interlude between our favorite groove and me loving who...
Only then can love be true.
Only then will I have you...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Brief Thoughts.....

Welcome to the land of the free and the home of the brave
where nothing is free and the brave are born living their last days
where we are so quick to help the world
but leave our own people in the cold
welcome to a land where we can jerk and make a fortune
yet a college degree cant secure the next minumum wage job open
Will we be the generation that fights for change?
or are we really that satisfied with 7 dollars and some change?